Naso chiuso congestione nasale rimedi naturali

Stuffy Nose: Best natural remedies for nasal congestion

Stuffy nose (even at night): what to do

“My nose is stuffed and I can’t sleep”.
It is a problem that bother millions of people every day and every night. Here there are some tips to alleviate nasal congestion with natural remedies.



During sleep the optimal level of humidity should be between 30% and 50%. You can measure it with a hygrometer that can help you choose to moisten or dehumidify your bedroom environment.


Try to lift your head up to 15-20 cm. Sleeping with your head reclined can help liquid drainage from nasal sinus and restrict nose swellings.


The easy action of inhale steam can placate nasal congestion. Before going to sleep, take a shower, drink a cup of warm tea and in the meantime don’t forget to breath deeply. Another common and effective method is using fumigations: cover your head with a towel and breath deeply the steam emanated by warm water in which you can pour baking soda or some eucalyptus oil drops.


What moms told us since ever now is scientifically proven: chicken broth can help you getting better. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps get rid of stuffy nose and excess mucus.
Well, if you don’t like broth, you can drink your favourite warm drink. It is the warmth that plays a huge role in reducing nose swelling.


Try to add ginger to your diet (to tea, for example). Ginger is a perfect anti-inflammatory and analgesic; it was always used for prevent and battle flu and other illness.


The ancient yogic technique of nasal wash, called Jala Neti, has been studied and improved by modern medicine. Nowadays is recommended by otolaryngologist, pediatricians, lung specialists and allergists in order to prevent and clean up nasal congestion.
About an hour before going to bed take a nasal wash. The mechanical washing action caused by physiological solution takes away excess mucus, atmospheric particulate, allergenes and the accumulation of harmful substances gathered over the day. Remember to warm up the solution (isotonic or hypertonic) bringing it to 37°: this is the temperature at which rhinovirus (that cause flu) can die, swelling starts to decrease and natural defence systems start up work again.


Nasal dilator opens nasal cavity from the inside and makes air passage easier improving breathing. It is elastic, flexible and helps placate nasal congestion caused by flu, allergies or deviated septum. Therefore reduces snoring: your partner will be grateful!