Nasir Plus

NASIR PLUS is a nasal irrigation device with hyaluronate sodium saline solution, made for daily hygiene by washing the nasal mucosa. The hyaluronic acid with its moisturizing, lenitive, restoring and healing features is useful in case of atrophic rhinitis. It recovers phisiologycally the nasal mucus improving mucocilliary clearance and the health of mucous secretions.
In chronic hypertrophic rhinitis reduces the mucosa edema, it reactivates normal nasal cavity ventilation. It has a healthy action on the mucosa tired by surgery, because it avoids nose bleeding and protects the mucosa.
Its decongesting action, made by osmosis, is helpful in case of vasomotor rhinitis (both specific and aspecific).


  1. Carefully remove the first protection envelope of the bag;
  2. Bring the bag filled with the solution to 30-35°C, immersing it in hot water. Unscrew and remove the protection cap
  3. Fix the suction cup in a smooth surface on your sink;
  4. Open the device pack;
  5. Lower the roller caster until the tube is completely blocked;
  6. Remove the cap and strongly screw the male connector of the device. Holding in one hand the connector and with the other one break the cone by fracturing the arrow tip for activating the bag-device connection;
  7. Hang the bag to the suction cup fixing it carefully;
  8. Lean forward your hand towards your sink, lower than your shoulders;
  9. Bring the irrigator nozzle to your nose and gently press the nostril. Breath with your mouth throughout the treatment;
  10. Lift halfway the roller caster and then set it in order to let the solution drain away avoiding the throath;
  11. Possibly, at mid-cycle, switch nostril.